Connecting human to horse, on the ground and under saddle.

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Several moves later, Suzy married Mark “the pig doctor” (a veterinarian who is well-known for his expertise in pig production, health, etc.) and had two children. During this time, she began competing in dressage and coaching Pony Club eventers. She was elected president of the Iowa Dressage and Combined Training Association (IDCTA) and started her journey through the USDF instructor’s program. Then she met Harry Whitney and began a twenty year learning cycle that led her into an ever deeper understanding how horses operate, think, process, which also improved her skills in helping students work with their horses.

Suzy Fitzsimmons is also a Ride With Your Mind instructor, having participated in many clinics and RWYM Teacher Training clinics with Mary Wanless and Jen Truett.

Suzy Fitzsimmons began riding when she was nine in a lesson program with a Dutch trainer and his wife. She got her first horse at 15 and rode English until she spent a summer with a reining trainer and learned a lot about the reining and western side of things.  Suzy went to college at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, but took a four year break halfway through, when she went to Virginia to compete in eventing and to work. She took an Instructors Course with Major Jeremy Beale in Pennsylvania, evented through Prelim—even running at Chesterland (Bruce Davidson’s farm), fox hunted and showed jumpers. She then moved back to Wisconsin to finish her degree in Animal Science.