Connecting human to horse, on the ground and under saddle.



a better connection

with your horse

Throughout her career, Suzy has worked in all English disciplines, guided mountain trail rides in Wyoming, fox hunted in Virginia, taught pony club to FEI riders, and bred & started sport horses. She has the unique ability to help any horse owner no matter what kind of saddle you sit in. Suzy can help you:

  • Understand where your horse is coming from and how to create lasting and meaningful change
  • Find clarity of your intent with your horse
  • Identify your horse’s behaviors & movements in response to you, the human

Bring Suzy to your farm for a 1 or 2 day clinic, on the ground and in the saddle

  • Format: Private, Semi-Private or small groups of 3, One hour sessions
  • Facility Needs: Fenced in area
  • Cost: $450/day + expenses

Need help right away?  You can haul in to FitzFarm’s caring, fun and safe learning environment for a private session.

Have you ever wondered why your horse does specific behaviors? Are you stuck in a rut with your equine partner? Does your horse repeat unpleasant behaviors that seem to come out of nowhere?  Consider a clinic or lesson with Suzy FitzSimmons!


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Uncover your ability to troubleshoot and address situations more successfully.  Get to the REAL root issues with your horse.