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Suzy opens a new dimension to working with horses.  The dressage and eventing worlds have long needed someone like this to help us better communicate with our horses and understand their minds.   

-Julie, FEI Dressage Trainer

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Suzy opened my eyes to the different personalities and thought processes of each horse in our two day clinic. 

- Heather, Dressage & Eventing Trainer

Suzy is absolutely amazing to watch work with young or problem horses.  Her timing and patience is incredible.  Her patience is also incredible with people who don't understand the basics or concepts of ground work with horses, or perhaps don't have enough patience themselves. She taught me to see how the ground work directly effects the under saddle work, and how the "ground work" has to follow through with everything you do with your horse at all times, including catching and leading in from the pasture, feeding your horses and riding your horse.  I strongly recommend anyone who wants to learn better communication with their horse to train or clinic with Suzy. 

-Kathryn, Amateur H/J Rider & Sport Horse Breeder

Connecting human to horse, on the ground and under saddle.

Suzy has a way with horses and it’s incredible to watch.  That is not however why I would recommend her…as watching someone do something incredible with your horse is one thing, but learning to be present, consistent and do things that have meaning with your own horse and replicating it at home is another.  That’s what Suzy does for those she works with.  She breaks things down in such a way that the horse owner understands not only what to do during the session, but also how to utilize those things at home after the session.  It’s about getting a change in a horses thought and  I appreciate the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of and relationship with my horse. ” 

-Leah, Rider and Horse Industry Professional